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What is Novus Roleplay?

In short, Premium FiveM Roleplay.

Our Outlook Is Simple. It’s About Your Character

Novus Roleplay was founded on the premise that the most important part of roleplay was the players ability to create the character scenes they want. We view the job of our community to facilitate a supportive, quality atmosphere for players. Novus is based in the non-lore State of New Malverne, offering El Reno, Prescott Lake and Alpine Beach. Our development team has spent thousands of hours remodeling/texturing the GTA V environment for this immersive experience. Our cities are where characters live, laugh and love while crime, despair and conflict brew just under the surface.

Planting Your Roots.

Create a Story, with Epic roleplays mixed all over. To help guide character development, Novus RP uses character alignments. Pick from nine different character paths and create the story. Be ready to engage with other stories along the way.

Live. Work. Play.

Your character moves to a new city, or wakes up to a new morning where they’ve been their entire life. Where do you choose for your character to live? Options await. Each character has a different path that we know you’ve thought a lot about including work. Our player managed businesses are meant to serve as a base. Player owned businesses allow you to come up with your new ideas, rent or buy an available shop and create roleplay opportunities. The character you’ve created has spent their time working hard selling coffee, putting out fires or maybe slinging drugs. Time to have fun and play in a city full of options.

No Admission Required.

We break down the walls to give you options. While your character must meet the IC minimums, there are no OOC walls you must leap over to do fun things like start a business, creating a faction or having an idea featured in the server. It is our goal to erase ‘click’ or ‘friend favoritism’ mentalities, leading to a more fair roleplay community.

Pure Life Economy.

In-server currency is evenly earned by players both legally or illegally. No items are spawned in, or obtainable through ‘pay to pay’ patreon subscriptions or donator perks. We aim to make it fair for all.

No Lag or Poor Equipment.

All of Novus Roleplay facilities are hosted on a 100% Dedicated Server with industry leading components and a fast internet uplink. This means your player data will save and you can expect little to no server lag. We don’t cut corners.


We believe proper administrative staff can either lead to the growth or demise of a roleplay community. We pledge to administrate fairly and justly, prioritizing the enjoyment of our community members. See the steps we’ve taken for better admins in our bylaws.

– Our Staff Team

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